2019 Summer Symposium
Conference Presentations
Symposium Topics

Among the many vital topics to be addressed by state and national presenters, along with robust audience participation are:

  • Professional development – resources, webinars, workshops and trainings being offered by ACE of Florida, IPDAE, and FLC.
  • National Spotlight – what is happening around the nation – what that means for Florida’s adult education programs.
  • 2019 Legislative Update – outcomes and impact on adult education programs.
  • Issues from the field; local topics; FL DOE updates – new initiatives, program requirements, funding, WIOA, Partnerships with CareerSource Boards, Unified Plan and Local Plans.
  • Immigration – overview of immigration reform and potential impact on adult education; resettlement issues.
  • Human Trafficking – resources and curriculum to work within the classroom.
  • Data – optimizing information to improve program delivery.