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ACE is pleased to sponsor Florida’s “Sunshine Success Stories.”  This proactive marketing plan is to increase awareness of adult education and career and technical education statewide, and show how vital adult education is to Florida’s economic recovery and growth.

ACE wants to get the story out by identifying adult students who have reached their life goals, improved their standard of living, achieved a higher paying  job, advanced to higher education, or attained a career goal.  The “Sunshine Success Stories” is a project that highlights learners who have attended adult education programs, overcome personal roadblocks, and are now successful and productive citizens and family providers.

Please take this opportunity to nominate an outstanding student from your school district, community/state college, or community-based program.  We are looking for students who have made a positive contribution to their community, now have significant life responsibilities, have met life goals as a result of completing an adult education program and have overcome difficult circumstances.  The nominee does not have to be currently in school.


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Every day in adult education classes around the state, success stories are being made.  Adult students of all ages and backgrounds are overcoming hurdles and hardships to complete their high school education to improve their lives and the lives of their families and communities. Earning your GED or high school diploma begins the transition to better employment opportunities and/or post-secondary studies.

Click on the links below to hear about the latest success stories from Brevard and Leon County adult education programs.

Help us help you keep adult education alive and well in Florida so we can continue to serve our students.  Contact the ACE of Florida Foundation office, (850) 222-2233, or email with any questions or concerns.

Success Stories

ACE-Leon Adult Education Success Story Videos

Leon County Adult and Community Education School shares many of their success stories via their Facebook page.  Click on the link below to view their success story videos:

Madison McDaniel – A Success Story

Madison McDaniel was so excited to begin high school. She was excited to make new friends, tryout new clubs and make new memories. Unfortunately for her, the excitement was short-lived.

Not long after she started 9th grade, the bullying began. She tried to ignore and cope with it, hoping the bullying would soon stop. But it didn’t. Not only was it happening at school, but it was carried over onto social media.

Against the odds, she did complete 9th grade and started 10th grade with hopes of a better year. The bullying continued when school started. After going to administration and getting no results, Madison dropped out of school after her first semester of 10th grade.

Madison wanted to complete high school and continue her education, but the traditional path wasn’t the way for her. Her mother did some research and enrolled Madison in the Tallahassee Community College Home School/Dual Enrollment program. In this program, Madison was able to complete her high school education and graduate a year early! She was then able to immediately transfer to TCC to continue her college education.

During those last years of completing high school, Madison started selling clothing out of her garage and at women’s special events. This helped her decide to open her own clothing store in 2013. Her business is booming! She is planning to open two more stores…one in Destin and one in Tennessee! And for the girls who bullied Madison in school…they are frequent customers!

Madison says, “Traditional high school isn’t for everyone. You can still reach your dreams and succeed with an alternative educational path.”

Kimmi Stark – A Success Story

Kimmi Stark is a young adult (just 18 years old) who persevered to receive her high school diploma, despite many difficulties along the way. During her freshman year at Melbourne High School, Kimmi fell behind in attendance as a result of complications from ankle surgery in June 2010. This led her to enroll in Florida Virtual School in January 2011.

In August 2011, Kimmi endured complications: she needed ankle reconstruction surgery. All of the ligaments and tendons, except her Achilles, had been damaged as a result of a defective anchor pin that had detached after the June 2010 surgery. Then, in September 2011, five days before her 16th birthday, her father passed away suddenly. This lead to even more absences, leaving Kimmi two years behind her class. Adult Education was the best option at this point in order for her to graduate on time. Kimmi chose to enroll in the Adult High School Program in June of 2013 rather than getting her GED because she wanted to challenge and discipline herself by getting up early each morning and staying on a schedule. Furthermore, the smaller feel of Adult Education appealed to Kimmi and brought her a sense of community. In one year, Kimmi was able to graduate, just six weeks behind her MHS class, with a 3.1 GPA.

Kimmi plans to earn her AA Degree from Eastern Florida State College in the near future.