Teaching Skills that Matter in Adult Education

Did you ever wonder how enhancing the effectiveness of adult education could happen? Teaching Skills That Matter (TSTM) in Adult Education is a professional development project of the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) which combines evidence-based materials in five content focus areas of critical importance in adults’ lives.  This project will identify, discuss and explore focus areas, teaching approaches and skills needed for our students.  A critical component of the TSTM project is the Toolkit.  Be ready to take away instructional examples, templates and tools that will have a positive impact on students’ lives

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Part-time Adult Education Teacher Academy

The FLDOE, Division of Career and Adult Education, and ACE of Florida, Inc. are pleased to offer the Part-time Adult Education Teacher Academies for part-time teachers who are often unable to attend the full ACE Conference.

Description: These Academies are setup like mini conferences. They offer an Opening Session, break-out sessions, and resources, materials and information that can be used immediately in the classroom.

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Adults with Learning Disabilities Training

Effective Instruction for all Adult Education Students Including Those with Learning Disabilities and Other Special Learning Needs: Definitions – Issues – Solutions.

Description: A large number of adults who attend adult education classes have a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  These disabilities and other special learning needs will be specifically addressed in this workshop.
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Previous ACE Trainings

2021 ACE Fall Conference
September 27-29, 2021 – Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront – St. Petersburg, Florida

2021 Summer Symposium
June 7-8 – Orange Technical College – Mid-Florida Campus – Orlando, Florida

This Symposium delivers professional development to adult education administrators covering new initiatives and other issues that impact adult education programs.

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Florida Consolidated Adult Education Grant Application Support Webinar Series (Recorded)

Priority 1: Promote Regional Partnerships to Ensure Comprehensive Approaches that Result in Improved Learner Outcomes

  • Planning for a Regionalized Adult Education Service Delivery Approach to Improve Learner Outcomes
  • Regional Partnerships and Collaborative Networks
  • Partnerships with Local Workforce Development Boards

Quality Partnerships and Collaborative Relationships

Developing Regional Consortium Relationships

Developing Relationships with LWDB

Priority 2: Expand the state’s talent pipeline through attainment of credentials of value and acquisition of postsecondary certifications, industry-recognized credentials and degrees

  • Overview of Integrated Education and Training (IET) in WIOA
  • Integrated English Literacy and Civics Educations and IET
  • Mapping IET Programs to Regional Needs

Priority 3: Ensure all learners receive high quality instruction that prioritizes measurable labor market needs and outcomes while working to eliminate equity and achievement gaps in the community

  • Program Quality and Outcomes/Labor Market Information and Trends
  • Technology, Online Learning, and Family Literacy
  • Quality Learning Outcomes

Outcomes and Labor Market Information and Trends

Power of Technology to Improve Performance

Quality Learning and Outcomes

Priority 4: Incent, measure and support enhanced program effectiveness

  • Demonstrated Effectiveness and Past Effectiveness
  • Comprehensive Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Guided Journey for Completing Priority 4

Demonstrated Effectiveness and Past Effectiveness

Comprehensive Performance Management

Guided Journey through Priority 4

Guided Journey through Priority 1

Guided Journey through Priority 2

Guided Journey through Priority 3