WIOA Panel

Rod Duckworth & Pam Nabors

The I-BEST Implementation Overview

William Durden

District Workforce Funding Models Overview

Tara Goodman

Integrating Workforce Preparation into ESOL and EL Civics Curriculum

Lori Howard

College and Career Readiness Standards and ESOL from the Instructor’s Perspective

Lori Howard

Developing Critical Literacy and Cross-cultural Awareness with Paired Reading

Lori Howard

Data Reporting Overview – Districts

Tara McLarnon

Teaching Academic Vocabulary:  Practical, Research-based Approaches to Instruction

Susan Finn Miller

Hit the Ground Running:  Building Academic and Work Readiness Skills from the Start!

Betsy Parrish

Using Graphic Organizers to Develop Reading and Thinking Skills

Betsy Parrish

ICA for Beginning ESL

Dr. Glenda Rose

Write from the Start:  Writing for Beginning ESL

Dr. Glenda Rose

CASAS eTests and TOPSpro Update

Linda Taylor

Data Reporting Overview – Colleges

Christine Walsh