Florida’s Adult Education Directory (PDF)

Your link to Florida’s Adult Education Administrators, Deans & Directors Directory is now available to you for your reference. This directory includes a state-wide listing, by county, of each adult education program and their contact person, complete with address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your use.

If you have any changes, deletions or additions, please email them to ace@aceofflorida.org.  Thank you for helping keep the Adult Education Directory up-to-date.


Learn more about Adult Education by visiting the following web sites.

State Links 

National Links

Community Education

Community Education is a concept that provides opportunities for local community members, schools and other organizations to become partners in addressing educational and community concerns.

Community Education Links

Please visit these web sites for more information on Community Education

ACE of Florida’s Best Practices Round-Up Wiki

ACE created the Best Practices Wiki to allow adult educators to continue to add best practices and search for new ideas and resources. A wiki is a database that people can add to and edit live. A wiki makes it easy to swap ideas and information. The Best Practices Wiki houses over 60 best practices provided by adult educators from around the state.

To access the Wiki, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to: https://aceofflorida.wikispaces.com/
  1. You will be prompted to enter:
  • User Name/Email: aceofflorida
  • Password: roundup2014

Once you’ve signed in to the wiki, you may search or add to the database of best practices. Use the categories already setup and listed on the right-hand side of the screen, or feel free to create a new one! We encourage you to share your best practices, resources and ideas using the wiki.